Mar 21, 2014

A bitter pill

OK..I admit it. I’m probably so middle class. But, having just taken my car in for a tyre change I thought, Im close to Earthy, that ‘organic’ qua **** expensive shop and cafe, I’ll go have a salad and tea whilst I wait.

First off, I don’t do dairy and secondly I don’t do bread. its loud, cacophonous. The hollow noise of wealthy middle class new age types dulls my senses. i’ll have some peppermint tea and salad me thinks.. Now what salads? 2/3 mixed with cream or cheese, sorry I can’t do cheese or dairy, we can accommodate you, so I go for Beetroot salad and runner beans with fennel and leaves.

Now the tea arrived on a fucking roofing tile! Argh pet hate! Roof tiles are for fucking roofs not plates on a table!!, then the salad arrives on a side plate (4inches diameter)!! Cost *****£8.95!!!! These people are taking the piss! So, I ask the waitress, who has dropped my fork on the floor, stoops to pick it up and places it in front of me, without washing it or apologising, I ordered a main salad? Each salad is £.2.95, she responds, and Organic.. Yes I know but the size of plate you have offered hardly suggests value for the £8.95 paid, so I ask her to perhaps place the mini salad on a larger plate, she obliges and returns with what can only be described as a platter!! From the ridiculous to the sublime…

Sigh!!! And the leaves and salad? Bitter! How can they screw that up? I ask you!

Note to self, Earthy is over rated pish! And unlike the reassurance of Waitrose being expensive, it is way way way over priced…