Jan 21, 2013

Apple OS Agony

Unlike the past smooth upgrades to the new Operating System for Apple Macs, the most recent, Mountain Lion, for everyone I know with a MacBook Pro that is not past it, has had the same problem, the functionality of their computer has become slower and slower. In my opinion this is a major bug relating to the software, and as there are a significant number of people suffering. isn’t it about time that Apple stepped up to the mark and acknowledged that they released this upgrade too soon, and resolved this issue, this may well be Apple’s own Dell Hell…..

The only way I have found to circumvent this system lock up is to run a complete NEW install of the operating system. This is a major PITA as you must ensure that you have backed up ALL your files before you Install and either rebuild after install with software from the AppStore you have already bought or the software from elsewhere, that you have stored. 

In my experience, re-building your software library is time consuming, however at least the system doesn’t freeze up, or at least it hasn’t thus far.

Along with the upgrade Apple seem to be taking the role of ‘Nanny’ to a new level were you cannot access your ‘Library’, directly, there is a work around to re-enable this link, but I ask you!!!!

I will post what I have had to do in greater length soon. In the meantime, if you don’t need to upgrade to Mountain Lion, I wouldn’t. 

Apple, you should be ashamed of yourselves, Steve Jobs is no doubt turning in his grave as we speak.