Dec 2, 2015

Interview with David Griggs

My interest in Documentary Filmmaking began whilst I was working as a voluntary Art Therapist in the early 1990’s. The opportunity arose when I was working as a social worker in Edinburgh to use video as part of my case work. I developed a series looking at transitioning from hostel living to supported accommodation. I went back into full time Education in 2001 to read for an MA in Visual Anthropology at Manchester University where I developed a number of projects in the UK, Scotland and Republic of South Africa.

In 2002 I made a documentary film in Lesotho, which screened in a number of festivals including the Munich International Documentary Festival and The Black International Cinema Festival where the film won the award for Best Documentary on a Marginalized People. The documentary is available on the Vimeo Channel.

In October 2003 I returned to Lesotho where I made a promotional film about the Moria Festival a regular calendar event that brings together traditional and contemporary forms of art, craft, music and culture. Early 2004 saw me back in Lesotho to produce material for The Television Trust For the Environment and Geoffrey Payne & Associates as well as a short film for The Sechaba Media Unit about Menkhoaneng, the birth place of King Moshoeshoe.

Back in the UK I directed a short feature for the DVD release of Jinnah, starring Christopher Lee. I continued my work interests with Devlin & Kennedy Crow Productions on the project ‘Word Made Flesh’ for the MS Society, filming and editing materials – forthcoming.

In Mid 2004 I began work at Napier University researching for the on-line delivery of a Masters programme in Screen Project Development. My technical and creative skills have been brought into use on this and other projects at the university and I continue to work part time developing online learning for Screen Academy Scotland, running their website, supporting students and teaching Interactive Media, developing new forms of narrative moving beyond screens. I have maintained a keen interest in observational approaches to filmmaking and have tutored on MA programmes in Tallinn, Estonia, as well as consulting on participatory video techniques in online learning.

I enjoy experimenting, recently joining a creative group developing art installations and helping mutate machines and using pyrotechnics. I am at present preparing a PhD by practice looking at Cultures of Resistance. I am also involved in various art based projects, developing photographic, text and graphic books on the Theme of ‘Abandonment‘.

I have been an active campaigner on a number of key areas of concern, most recently Climate Change, Scrap Trident, Anti-Fracking and Anti-Austerity, covering marches and other interventions in the public domain. I am currently working on a number of interactive pieces, incorporating Image, 3D Mapping, Projections and hacking technology.

My key areas of interest are Community, Education, Documentary Production, Health, Traditional Healing and Ritual Practice, Conflict Resolution, Participatory Video, Communications and Design.