A year since the first lockdown and we are still here. The stress, everyone has felt, loved ones lost, meeting with friends and family disrupted. Quite a year. Over the year, I managed to get out and about a few times, then came lockdown 2. Two days after our Covid19 restricted wedding, where we married in one of my brother’s church halls, with 15 close family and friends socially distanced and wearing masks, along with 200+ friends and family witnessing online, we needed to have some sort of honeymoon. so, the following days saw us breaking the restrictions to travel to ‘The. Grey Mares Tail’, no guilt!

So much has happened of late in the family, again, working within the confines of the restrictions, we made a number of visits to `The Pentlands’, along with many others. The hills were fair bustling. At times it felt like Princes Street! The weather? Well on two occasions there was snow! A fantastic relief from the humdrum.

These pictures were taken near my home in our local park, as well as on the Pentlands. Here these are a few of the images captured during this time.