It has been some time since I attended to this website and blog. Life has a tendency of moving fast!

By way of an update. I have been working in The School, looking at developing interdisciplinary programmes for creatives. The potential in this area for growth are good. My hope is that a Masters Programme might be developed, structured in such a way that students would have the opportunity to develop their creative ideas, with technical, business and project development support, using new technology such as XR and Blockchain. We will see how this goes.

I am beginning a new area of research, which will look at VR and 360º filmmaking for Documentary. The area I am particularly interested in is ‘Digital Presence’. I hope to explore the relationship and impact of Documentary as a practice that uses VR to create experiences that challenge the notion of ‘Observer’, and the impact ‘experiencing’ might have on them.

Also, I am to have hip replacement surgery in the new year. Just as well I am practicing Taoist Tai Chi, it really helps, So, busy times!

There appears to be so much going on the area of activism at the moment, with the challenges that lie ahead for people and planet, I am sure I will be continuing to make futures at least hopeful and add in small part to the mediation of the much needed change.